IIGF may only pay Covered Claims as defined under its creating statute. 

Some compensable claims, including claims tendered to or handled by a carrier pre-liquidation, may have limited or no coverage through IIGF. To determine whether you have a Covered Claim, either fill out the step-by-step online form or give us a call.

Please note, new claims must first be reported to the liquidator, who can then provide the claim information to IIGF.

To check the status of your claim, you can either:


If you plan to call our office,
please gather the following (if possible):

  1. The name of the insolvent Insurer
  2. Date of the incident
  3. Is this claim under an insurance policy you purchased?
  4. Policy number (if available)
  5. Claim number (if available)
  6. What type of claim are you calling about?
    • Auto
    • Worker’s Comp
    • Other

Once you’ve gathered the information, please call 312-422-9700 to speak directly with one of our experienced claims examiners that will help you. Upon reviewing all case information and documentation, walk away with a plan or next steps.

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